Excess Weight Is Not The Verdict. Part 3 of 3

Excess Weight Is Not The Verdict – Part 3 of 3

And “There was some ballast loss, but it was transient”. Now a key question is, what is the right setting for the deep brain stimulation to animate lasting weight loss? Whiting said his team is continuing to follow these three patients to try to figure that out – and to keep monitoring safety. Although deep brain stimulation is considered a in a general way safe therapy for the right patients, it is a major undertaking that requires two surgeries – one to implant electrodes in the brain and another to place the neurostimulator.

The potential risks include infection, a blood clot or bleeding in the brain, or an allergic response to the DBS parts. If deep brain stimulation ever does become an option for managing severe obesity he would expect it only to be used when all else fails. “This would unequivocally be a last resort.

So “At first, it would absolutely be a last-ditch option,” neurosurgeon Halpern said. But it’s also possible that deep brain stimulation could become an add-on therapy, Euphemistic pre-owned after gastric bypass for some patients whose weight does not fall – or even an alternative in certain cases where bypass surgery is too risky. Medtronic provided the deep brain stimulation hardware for the study and funded the work buy glucolo in uk. One of Whiting’s co-researchers is employed by the company.

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Excess Weight Is Not The Verdict. Part 3 of 3

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